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Contact Details


Mike Hudson

20 Crescent Road, ST17 9AN



Tim Venables

18 Lawn Road, ST17 9AJ

Tel: 541709


General Secretary

Graham Naylor

8 Lawn Road ST17 9AJ

Minute Secretary

Andrew Proctor

6 Crescent Road ST179AW


Neighbourhood Watch

Jenny Webb

47 Crescent Road, ST17 9AN              

Tel: 07950039008


Barrier Keys

Daniel Foster

Avenue House, Rowley Avenue, ST17 9AA

Pleasure Gardens and Grounds

Roisin Chambers

58 Rowley Banks, ST17 9BG

Members of the Committee                    


Anthony Rogers

17 St John’s Road, ST17 9AS


Tony Webb

47 Crescent Road, ST17 9AN  


Brett Phillips

22a Crescent Road, ST17 9AL


Marion Reeves

29B St John's Road, ST17 9AP


Dot Wills

19 Lawn Road, ST17 9AJ

Anna Pownall

29 Crescent Road, ST17 9AL




General Enquiries


Committee Members

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