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ORP Crescent Road Access Barrier

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Dear Owner / Resident As you may or may not know the current barrier situated on Crescent Road is over 15 years old. Due to various reasons including lack of replacement parts and the inability to integrate with access control systems the committee has agreed for it to be replaced. We are sending this communication to advise of some forthcoming changes. Over the next few months you may notice the barrier being replaced and some minor changes to this general area of the park. We have been given assurances that both the old grey/red and modern white fobs will continue to work with the new barrier. It is the committee’s intention to gradually move over to a new access control system allowing easier and more convenient barrier management. The new access control system will allow both fob and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) activation. The new access control system will be gradually rolled out over time and other than seeing the new barrier, you should not notice any other changes and you do not need to do anything now. Once the new barrier is installed trials of the new access control system will take place and we will be in touch a little nearer the time when we are ready to begin registering car registration plates and distribution of new key fobs where requested. During this setup phase we ask you for your patience and understating whilst the new equipment is calibrated , tested and readied for a park wide roll out. Wishing you a happy spring. Many thanks. The Survey Committee.


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