• Owners of Rowley Park

ORP Pleasure Gardens - Maintenance & Restoration

Updated: Feb 13

Dear Owners and Residents,

As you will be aware a five-year plan for the care, maintenance and restoration of the Pleasure Gardens has been agreed. The Pleasure Gardens and Grounds Sub-committee is in place and we will, as the plan progresses, keep Owners and Residents informed.

Lyndon Marr of Country Gardens will begin work sometime this week and he is aware that we want the work to be carried out sensitively, without herbicides or pesticides and respecting the bird nesting season which runs from the end of March to the beginning of September, so pruning and tree work will stop during that time so that the birds can nest and rear their broods.

The first phase of the work involves removing some of the lower branches of a pine and raising the crown of three of the yew trees at the Rowley Avenue end of the gardens so that more light and moisture reach the ground. Dozens of brambles, elder, ash and sycamore have self-seeded in amongst the rhododendron so these will have to be removed.

A number of the rhododendron have collapsed in on themselves and need quite urgent attention so selected shrubs will have to be pruned heavily. The sub-committee are aware of how much owners and residents value these plants and how much their seasonal colour adds to the garden.

In order to keep as much blossom as possible, the pruning will be staged over three years. We know that the old, architectural remnants of the dead rhododendron are a favourite spot of children and grandchildren so these will remain in place.

The ivy in the woodland area will be reduced over time to allow for the planting of bluebells and snowdrops and, if time permits, we will be planting some new trees.

If anyone would like to discuss the work in the Pleasure Gardens please email roisin.chambers10@ntlworld.com Chair of the Pleasure Gardens and Grounds Sub-committee.