• Owners of Rowley Park

ORP Pleasure Garden - Dog Waste Bin Trial

Updated: Feb 13

Dear Owners/Residents, Many owners and residents of Rowley Park have noticed an increase of dog waste in the Pleasure Gardens. This is disappointing as the Pleasure Gardens are for the enjoyment of all key holders and should be respected. The Committee have agreed to trial dog waste bins, to be located at all three gates of the gardens. We have also organised for the bins to be emptied on a regular basis. If you have an excitable dog who loves to run off exploring, perhaps keep them on a lead until they have had a chance to relieve themselves, then let them off to have fun. We really hope this will reduce the mess and allow residents and their families to make the most of this fantastic space. ‘There is no such thing as the dog poo fairy!’ – Keep Britain Tidy. The Survey Committee