• Owners of Rowley Park

ORP Pleasure Gardens Tree Work

Dear Owners & Residents At the AGM it was agreed to keep Owners and residents informed of any tree work that was to take place within the estate and to explain what trees were to be felled or reduced and why. The next phase of tree work will be completed by ‘Branch Walkers’ and will begin on the 9th December. Mick Boddy, a Registered Consultant of the Arboricultural Association, was asked by the committee to reassess those trees given a high risk assessment by Morfe Valley and he has recommended that the following work be undertaken:

  • In the spinney - dead wood is to be removed from the crown of the sycamore in the spinney which is leaning over the school boundary

  • Rowley Ave back drive - the tall northern stem of the sycamore will be cut back to the fork to create a habitat feature

  • In the Pleasure Gardens - the dead tulip tree will be removed

  • On Rowley Avenue

  • Two dead elms need to be felled and removed

  • Deadwood throughout the canopy of the ash is to be removed. The tree is possibly suffering from ‘ash dieback’

  • Deadwood throughout the larch needs to be removed also the broken branch suspended over the pavement

  • Mature beech on the right of Rowley Ave needs to have the heavy branch which extends over the road removed. This tree has a TPO and work will be carried out once we have received permission from the tree officer which, due to Covid delays, may take some time

All of this work is essential and is part of the on-going care and maintenance of the Pleasure Gardens and Grounds.

Following the recent storm there is also some emergency work that needs to be completed; the felling and removal of the pine that is partially uprooted; the removal of the two laburnums which have been further weakened by the wind and are now very unstable; the removal of several damaged and broken branches from the large pine close to the fence at the north end of Crescent Rd and the removal of some broken branches from a small cherry tree. This work is now complete and the pleasure gardens are now reopened.

This work will be done as soon as possible so that the Pleasure Gardens can reopen and be enjoyed by Owners and residents in safety.

The Pleasure Gardens and Grounds Sub-Committee is now in place and will keep Owners and Residents informed of all further work in the Pleasure Gardens and Grounds.

If any Owner or resident would like to discuss any of the forthcoming tree work please contact Roisin Chambers on 07984689859.