• Owners of Rowley Park

ORP Service Lanes & General Tidy Up

Updated: Feb 13

Re: General Road/Service Lane Tidy Up

Please may all owners / residents ensure the following issues are dealt with appropriately:

  1. All overgrown vegetation/hedges/overhanging branches on the service lanes MUST be cut back to allow vehicles (including larger sized vans) to gain access easily

  2. Do NOT leave rubbish/building waste/garden waste on the service lanes. Please ensure the area directly behind your property is clear, in particular the Wolverhampton Road end of the Crescent Road service lane, as waste is building up on the back land.

  3. Front gardens should also be maintained to ensure any hedges/overhanging branches are cut back from the main footpath.

  4. Avoid, if possible, parking vehicles on the footpath.

  5. Please clean up after your pet. There has been an increase in pet waste on service lanes, in particular Crescent Road.

  6. Service lane gates MUST be locked at all times and only opened for vehicle entry/exit.

The committee greatly appreciate your help and support with keeping our park clean, tidy, safe and in good working order.

Any issues, contact the Secretary: anna.pownall@outlook.com

Yours sincerely,

The Survey Committee