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Pleasure Gardens Update - May 2024

Dear Owners and Residents, 

Now that the ground has dried a bit, Adam Cambell will be working in the Pleasure Gardens next week to complete the path and to put in the drainage. He will also work on the seeded area either side of the path to reduce the amount of stones and lumps and to top up the seed. The grass seed is a shade tolerant variety so we hope it will take well although it might be a bit slower to come through. I will be putting in some small signs to remind visitors to the gardens to avoid walking on seeded areas.For the time being Lyndon has finished cutting back although much more needs to be done, it is now bird nesting time. The water butt has been installed and the majority of stumps and roots have been removed. Lyndon has also worked on the verge on Rowley Ave which suffered from leaf drop and the incredibly wet winter and spring. The verge has now been re-seeded and will hopefully recover. The dog waste bin has been re-done to straighten it and make it more secure.


We have had a few donations of bluebells and snowdrops, thank you to those of you who contributed, we will be planting them either side of the path. The larger cobbles, removed when the path was being constructed, we have saved and we will be putting these around some of the younger trees and shrubs to protect them from the strimmer.


As soon as we can, the sub-committee will purchase some interesting shrubs to plant either side of the path to soften the hard landscaping. If anyone has a favourite shrub, that likes shade, quite acid conditions and has a horizontal habit please get in touch.


If you would like more information about the above or any aspect of work in the Pleasure Gardens please get in touch.


Roisin Chambers


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